Time flies as usually and we are very glad that we can introduce the next edition of the Land Rover Cup for 2017. We are very pleased to invite all Land Rover owners and fans for the international gathering associated with off-road and shooting.

Land Rover Cup 2017 will take place for already the 16th time
at the shooting range KVZ Přeštice “Na Zámostí” (Czech Republic)
on Saturday 17. June 2017 from 9 o´clock.



This year there will be a lot of changes and innovations.

We doubled the length of off-road soft trial with the use of circuit at the plateau of a former waste dump. This circuit will contain components of fast drive with possibillity of drifting and also slowing down components by driving over off-road bumps.

We made off-road sprint longer about 500m leading through smashed farm track. The skills of a real off-road driver who likes being taken away by emotions of challenging drive will be shown here.

The change will also be in the shooting area – except for gun shooting for 25 m there will be attractive shotgun, so called pumps for metal falling targets – „popper targets“ .


We believe that if you find the way to Přeštice shooting range, you´ll be leaving LRC 2017 with gorgeous experience connected with shooting from short and long shotguns and most of all you´ll have experience of driving in our offroad tracks.

Even this time a graceful convoy drive in the surroundings of Preštice won´t be missing. There will be collective picture taking in the meadow in front of the church.

Successful day with lots of experience will follow evening program. There will be music band “Jam Club Trio” and finally there will be a fire show by „Knights from Tachov“. You can can also enjoy the midnight fireworks.




  • 09:00 – 12:00 – registration
  • 10:00 – start
  • 15:00 – estimated ending of disciplines
  • 16:00 – lining up LR to a line for a graceful convoy drive
  • 17:30 – comeback from a graceful drive to the shooting range
  • 18:30 – 19:00 – score announcing, awarding winners
  • 20:00 – 02:00 – party, music band „Jam Club Trio
  • 22:00 – fire show by „Knights from Tachov
  • 24:00 – midnight fireworks



  • Shooting
    • Pistol (distance 25 m)
    • Shotgun (metal falling targets, distance 15 m)
  • Off-road trial – soft
    • Modest track
  • Off-road sprint
    • More challenging track


The dirtiest L.R. is also evaluated and your little LR children can compete in the best drawing of LR. The first prize is RC model LR.




  • arrive in LAND ROVER of any type (as a driver or a co-driver),
  • pay the starting fee according your choice on the day and in the place of the contest,
  • age over 18 years old.

Please make it easier for organizers and register in advance on online application form, which you can find in the menu on the top.

There will be the possibility for everybody to register in each particular category separately (each category is evaluated separately). You will surely appreciate this change because it obliges individual needs of every participant.

  • starting fee is EUR 14 / 1 category / 1 contestant
  • in case of registration in all three categories there is a cut-price starting fee EUR 38 / 3 categories / 1 contestant



  • it´s not necessary to own a firearm licence or a gun to participate in the contest – shooting will take place under the instructor supervision
  • the organizer arranges all needed equipment including guns, munition and noise protectors
  • the starting fee includes guns rent and the munition, the instructor, trophies, diplomas and material prizes for the winners, supporting music-cultural program
  • closing date of competitors registration is Saturday until 12:00
  • for the whole duration of LRC 2017 – that´s from Friday till Saturday – in the area of the shooting range there will be hot and cold meals
  • if you enjoy the program until the night, you can use the meadow in front of the area of the shooting range for overnight stay in your own tents
  • distant contestants are welcomed already on Friday in the afternoon


Have a safe journey and an accurate shot.



David & his team